We are a licensed and insured Tree, Shrub and Stump removal company in Hernando, Citrus and Pasco Counties of Florida.

FL Tree Service does tree removal in Spring Hill and areas surrounding Hernando county. Call FL Tree Service for a free estimate. 352-799-3494

We use experienced tree climbers whenever possible, but we use lifts only when the job requires it. We try not to bring heavy equipment in your yard (only when necessary). We also have firewood year-round.

At FL Tree Service we care about our customer satisfaction, Specializing in dangerous removals. We believe that we offer the best tree service in Hernando, Pasco, & Citrus counties. From the job we do to the way we treat our customers.

Anything broken by the tree company should be repaired by the tree company. Don't let high winds and storm damage trees cause your property more damage.

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At FL Tree Service, phone number 352-799-3494, we are focused on providing excellent tree care services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction – we will do everything we can to meet and exceed your expectations for any tree trimming.

Why choose a professional?

Because a professional is just that. He has been trained to ensure your trees have been delicately handled and your trees livelihood has not been compromised. Someone who is inexperienced may not only injure your tree, but him or herself. A professional is dedicated 100% to your tree’s safety. Professionals have the correct licenses, insurance, and are bonded. Unprofessional tree cutters guess, where a professional will use his knowledge.
FLTree Service a tree care service of Spring Hill, Hernando County has the ability to remove dangerous trees and debris off your residential or commercial property quickly and efficiently. Make sure to pick the proper tree removal/tree care service with insurance. Our goal is to provide excellent tree care while having care for our customers.

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